The Program

Released-Time Bible Education classes offer students a safe venue to ask questions without fear or ridicule. In this safe environment, students are challenged to think about their beliefs and define their “plumb line” for defining right and wrong and evaluating the challenges and choices they face daily.

Student’s Receive

Hours Of Bible Instruction Per Semester (High School)
Hours Of Bible Instruction Per Semester (Middle)
Hours Of ``Instruction`` of Adult Attending Church Weekly

Our Curriculum

The Textbook

The Bible is the primary textbook for all of our classes.

Bible Basics

Books of the Bible
How to Look Up Scripture
Where the Bible Came From

Overview of 9 Bible Topics

Creation & Fall

Flood & Covenant


Kings & Prophets

New Testament

Life of Christ


Letters of Paul



And HE is at work in our community.

Help Reach Students in our Schools!

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