Our Mission Field

Our mission is to encourage and equip public school students in Horry County by teaching the truth found in God’s Word. We use Released-Time Bible Education classes to accomplish this goal. Released-Time Bible Education is the only legal means by which Christian education is allowed during the public school day.

The Facts

  • Horry County has more than 21,000 middle and high school students. (www.publicschoolreview.com)
  • 57% of Horry County population is NOT affiliated with a religious congregation. (www.city-data.com)
  • Among Coastal School Ministries’ students, 40% of middle school students report not attending church. That number soars to 60% among our high school students.
  • Barna Research Group documents that 2 out of 3 Born Again Christians accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior before their 18th birthday.
  • Christianity Today reported trends indicating the majority of youth across the nation will stop going to church by their 18th birthday and disengage from religion by the time they are 29.
  • Only 20% of the US population read the Bible once a week. (George Gallup, Jr., and D. Michael Lindsey, Surveying the Religious Landscape, Morehouse, 1999)


And HE is at work in our community.

Help Reach Students in our Schools!

Just like any organization, funding is always an issue. We have buses, teachers, books, business, and marketing needs to grow and expand our mission. Please help us reach more students where they are by supporting our Fundraising Campaign!