The Benefits

“Students in Released Time programs perform better than their classmates as a whole in almost every category.”


(Monique W. Morris, Garry Krisberg, Sharan Shanoa, 2003. Summary of Findings: Released Time Bible Education. Columbia, SC; Oakland, SC; School Ministries; National Council on Crime and Delinquency.)

The Benefits of Released-Time Bible Education classes:

  • The Bible offers a worldview grounded in HOPE – life has meaning and purpose beyond the accumulation of wealth and/or cultivation of status.


  • Youth receive a strong foundation for moral and ethical character.


  • Biblical foundation leads students to be a positive part of their community – improved relationship with family and friends, improved respect for authority and their peers and reduction in risk-taking behavior.


  • Partnership with community churches helps connect students who often bring their families as well.

 Areas where students see GROWTH

Our students grow in so many ways over the course of a year. In fact, many students sign up for our release-time bible class year after year.

Bible Knowledge0%
Relationship with Christ0%
Friendships 0%

What Students Are Saying

“I always knew I could come here & everyone would accept me for who I am…”

“I just know that I can go to God for anything…”

“CSM has really helped me become closer to God & strengthened my faith.”

“This class is amazing… if you just trust in God, he will take you a long way.”


And HE is at work in our community.

Help Reach Students in our Schools!

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