Keeping the Bible in our Schools

Coastal School Ministries works in partnership with Horry County Public Schools to expose youth to Biblical Principles through Released-Time Bible Education. Released-Time Bible Education classes are offered multiple class periods each day, five days a week throughout the school year.

About Us

Coastal School Ministries is a  501(c)3 nonprofit, interdenominational organization and we are supported by generous donations from individuals, churches, and businesses. No government funds are used.  Currently serving Socastee High School, Forestbrook Middle School, St. James High School, St. James Middle School, Myrtle Beach Middle School and Myrtle Beach High School.

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What We Offer

Released-Time Bible Education classes offer students a safe venue to ask questions without fear or ridicule. In this safe environment, students are challenged to think about their beliefs and define their baseline for defining right and wrong and evaluating the challenges and choices they face daily.

Our Curriculum

Students receive substantial Bible instruction time that includes 135 hours of Bible instruction per semester for high school students and 68 hours of Bible instruction per semester for middle school students. Compare this to an adult attending one church service weekly receives 52 hours of “instruction” per year.

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What Students Are Saying

“I always knew I could come here & everyone would accept me for who I am…”

“I just know that I can go to God for anything…”

“CSM has really helped me become closer to God & strengthened my faith.”

“This class is amazing… if you just trust in God, he will take you a long way.”

The Bible is the primary textbook for all classes and a few curriculum highlights for each semester include:

Creation & Fall

Creation & Fall

Creation & Fall

Creation & Fall

Creation & Fall

Creation & Fall

Creation & Fall

Creation & Fall

 Areas where students see GROWTH

Our students grow in so many ways over the course of a year. In fact, many students sign up for our release-time bible class year after year.

Bible Knowledge0%
Relationship with Christ0%
Friendships 0%

Help Reach Students in our Schools!

Just like any organization, funding is always an issue. We have buses, teachers, books, business, and marketing needs to grow and expand our mission. Please help us reach more students where they are by supporting our GoFundMe Campaign!

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